The Humanitarian Imperative
“The Humanitarian imperative comes first – the right to receive humanitarian assistance, and to offer it, is a fundamental humanitarian principle which should be enjoyed by all citizens of all countries. As members of the international community, we recognize our obligation to provide humanitarian assistance wherever it is needed. Hence the need for unimpeded access to affected populations is of fundamental importance in exercising that responsibility. The prime motivation for our response to disaster is to alleviate human suffering amongst those least able to withstand stress caused by disaster. When we give humanitarian aid it is not a partisan or political act and should not be viewed as such”.

The BIDA  wishes to be accountable to those we try to help. We seek to achieve this by involving them through information, participation and a complaints-handling procedure. ABIDA’s international assistance is in compliance with the HAP 2007 Standard in Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management. One important accountability instrument is informing our beneficiaries and stakeholders about our Humanitarian Accountability Framework - in other words what they should hold us accountable for.

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